Press Release - 9/11/97

Ferrari 333 SP goes downtown

Los Angeles, CA. -- Over the Labor Day weekend, Gerry Jackson brought the Landshark Racing Ferrari 333 SP to the Vintage Auto Racing Association’s Los Angeles Grand Prix. VARA astutely determined that the term "vintage" did not apply to the Ferrari, but did apply to Jackson, and the Landshark entry was accepted.

Ever-mindful of the damage American concrete can do to Italian carbon fiber, Jackson was pleased to qualify 7th with the big-block sports racing cars. When asked to describe the street course, Jackson said "it could have been the set from Bladerunner".

At the 15 minute sprint race on Labor Day, Steve Millen started at the pole and quickly disappeared in Jeff Bennett’s Lola T332 "Frisbee". Millen was so quick that he lapped most of the field in the morning practice session! Skipping over the ragged street course like a flat stone across a still pond, Jackson managed to keep the Ferrari between the concrete walls and finished fourth, nearly overtaking Jim Swartzbaugh’s third place McLaren M8E/D at the checkered. A total of three Lolas finished in the top five; Bert Skidmore’s Lola T210 finished second and Tom Malloy’s Lola T70 MkIIIB finished fifth.

After crediting his Yokohama slicks for what grip the stiffly-sprung Ferrari could snatch from the milled street surfaces, Jackson thanked VARA and promised to return next year.

Landshark Racing is busy evaluating several options for the Ferrari 333 SP for 1998, and should have more news to report within a few weeks. Meanwhile, the Landshark Racing Ferrari 333 SP will be displayed at the Peterson Automotive Museum at 6060 Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles until the end of October.

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